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Hobson's Choice

11th - 13th May 2018

Henry Hobson a British widower, is the overbearing owner of a shoe shop. His three daughters -- Alice, Vicky and Maggie work for him and all are eager to get out from under his thumb. When the headstrong Maggie announces she intends to marry Henry's best employee, Will, father and daughter engage in an intense showdown. As Maggie works on launching a competing business, she also helps her sisters free themselves of their domineering father.


Hobson - Nick Grafton

Maggie - Eliza Welch

Willie - Luke Hickman

Alice - Fiona Woodward

Vicky - Danni Compton

Jim - Andy Ward

Albert Prosser - Ciaran Savage

Freddie Beenstock - Alex Grieson

Dr Mcfarland - Craig Benson

Mrs Hepworth - Zoe Tuxford

Ada Figgins - Laura Stothard

Directed by Carol Boweness


An environmental satire set in the not-too-distant past and future in which it is 30C at Christmas, most of Hull is underwater, and bungalows on high ground are changing hands for £5 million.


"The most radical drama [Godber] has produced for some time." The Guardian


Crown Prince takes us from recent years to an imagined present day and then into the future at Beech Hill Bowling Club, whose members Jack, May, Ted, Ronnie and Caroline age from their sixties to their eighties.


Initially sceptical about the effects of global warming being forecast by Jack's granddaughter, Faye, they are soon forced to confront the reality of climate change as the years pass, the weather gets hotter, and the bowling green grass gets dried out in the heat.


By 2027, Hull has been flooded and its residents are forced to seek refuge on the bowling club hill.


When did you last see your trousers

9th - 11th November 2018

This hilarious farce begins quietly enough with Howard and Penny asleep. A burglar climbs through the window and steals various items, including Howard's suit. Awakening, Howard announces his intention to get back to the wife! But how can he in only vest and underpants? Before you can say "jockey shorts" he is being chased around the flat by his Danish au pair, the Home Secretary and a randy constable who doubles as a flasher. Add to this a punk with rainbow colored hair, a gravelly voice Captain and a singing telegram Gorilla and you have the ingredients for a night of outrageous fun!



Howard - Craig Benson

Penny - Eliza Welch

Tove - Sally Ibbertson

Home Secretary - Nick Grafton

Constable - Steve Brundell

Burglar/Inspector -  Ciaran Savage

Jimmy/Gorilla - Alex Grierson

Dierdre - Sue Baker

Captain Webber - Nathan Partington

Directed by Carol Boweness



Friday 22nd - Saturday 24th March 2019

Two by Jim Cartwright. A sharp and touching slice of English life set in a Northern Pub owned by a savagely bickering husband and wife. Two is a series of short vignettes that skilfully combines pathos and humour. Traditionally all 14 characters are played by just 'two' actors - but in a delightful new take on the play a whole host of actors will be bringing this play to light.


Featuring, a bickering husband and wife who run the pub and the dozen regulars who pass through their pub in an evening each with their own story to tell. When a little boy is left behind by his father, a fragile reconciliation occurs as a dark tragedy is revealed.


A skill-full mix of both tragedy and comedy, it will have you both crying with laughter and sadness.


Landlord - Luke Hickman

Landlady - Eliza Welch

Old Woman - Sue Baker

Moth - Nathan Partington

Maudie - Laura Stothard

Old Man - Craig Benson

Mrs Igar - Linda Stewart

Mr Igar - Ciaran Savage

Lesley - Sally Ibbertson

Roy - Ciaran Savage

Fred - Steve Brundell

Alice - Sue Baker

Woman - Linda Stewart

Boy - Arron Raw

Directed by Nick Grafton

LD poster.jpg

Ladies Day

15th - 17th November 2019


Sue Baker

Eliza Welch

Laura Stothard

Sally Ibbertson

Steve Brundell

Craig Benson

Nathan Partington

Arron Raw

Directed by Linda Stewart



25th - 27th November 2021

Haggard is best described as a bawdy romp and has had the cast in stitches from the get-go! Perpetually hard-up, lecherous, conceited, dishonest and drunk, the eighteenth-century Squire Amos Haggard was first conceived by Michael Green and subsequently brought to television screens in Eric Chappell’s much-loved ITV series in the 1990s.  In Chappell’s stage adaptation, the anti-hero disguises himself as the notorious bar brawler ‘One-Eyed Will’, seduces a member of the aristocracy, poisons himself, survives an encounter with ‘Death’, fights a duel and ends up in prison waiting to be hanged! His son Roderick and servant Grunge are his not-so-faithful companions


Haggard - Nick Grafton

Grunge - Craig Benson

Roderick - Ciaran Savage

Fanny Foulacre - Eliza Welch

Betty Bouncer - Laura Stothard

Lady Tartlet - Sue Baker

Sir Josh Foulacre & Various - Steve Brundell

Landlord & Various - Arron Raw

One-Eyed Will & Various - Nathan Partington

Hook & Various - Andy Ward

Nelly Blight & Various - Sally Ibbertson

Directed by Carol Bowness

haggard poster (1) (2).jpg


7th - 9th April 2022


Sue Baker

Steve Brundell

Nathan Partington

Luke Hickman

Craig Benson

Arron Raw

Sally Ibbertson

Ann Wood

Carol Bowness

Directed by Nick Grafton


Play On by Rick Abbott

24th - 26th November 2022

One plucky community theatre group is about to produce a show called Murder Most Foul, a new “murder mystery play” with the same title as an Agatha Christie novel but with no relation whatsoever.


The director, Gerry, thought producing the play was a good idea since the inexperienced playwright has agreed to let the company perform the show for no charge. Gerry, however, had no idea what disasters awaited him.


The playwright keeps changing the story and script, the cast are disgruntled, and the stage crew don't know whether they are coming or going.


Will the play ever go on?


Play On is a hilarious love letter to community theatre.


Sue Baker

Steve Brundell

Nathan Partington

Eliza Welch

Craig Benson

Arron Raw

Laura Stothard

Sally Ibbertson

Mick Mcneill

Nigel Dalton

Directed by Carol Bowness

Happy Families by John Godber

20th - 22nd April 2023

(Contains some adult themes.)

This is a semi-autobiographical play by the widely acclaimed playwright who has thrilled many theatregoers with his hilarious but poignant observational humour. Set in Northern England, it is full of warmth, understanding and comedy; it is an affectionate and appealing portrait of an ordinary family struggling with change, bereavement, and the generation gap. On his graduation day in 1978, John looks back over his teenage years, from 1967-1973, recalling all the embarrassments, tensions, joys and sorrows of family life in West Yorkshire. Older and better educated, he finds himself alienated from his working-class family who cannot understand his growing intellect and theatrical aspirations.