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Broughton Dramatic Society is a community based theatre group located in Broughton, North Lincolnshire. Established in 1949, it welcomes members from the age of 16 onwards whose talents may be acting, directing, design, props etc. The Society performs 2 plays a year, 1 in spring/summer and 1 in autumn/winter at the local village hall

Charitable Status

Charity no. 506526

Broughton Dramatic Society is a registered Charity. It's aim is to provide accessible, affordable and quality theatre to the residents of North Lincolnshire. BDS have kept their ticket prices low at an affordable rate of £6 inclusive of refreshments. BDS also provides free tickets every production to local groups in need, such as the pensioners club and most recently the local women's refuge. The society have historically always supported their local pensioners group and another charity in which they rotate each production. If you wish to apply for free tickets to a production for your charity, please get in touch via the contact us page.

The society held a collection during their last production of Two and raised £50 for the local women's refuge. We would like to say a special thank you to the audience members who contributed to the collection.

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