Haggard by Eric Chappell

Haggard is best described as a bawdy romp and has had the cast in stitches from the get-go! Perpetually hard-up, lecherous, conceited, dishonest and drunk, the eighteenth-century Squire Amos Haggard was first conceived by Michael Green and subsequently brought to television screens in Eric Chappell’s much-loved ITV series in the 1990s.  In Chappell’s stage adaptation, the anti-hero disguises himself as the notorious bar brawler ‘One-Eyed Will’, seduces a member of the aristocracy, poisons himself, survives an encounter with ‘Death’, fights a duel and ends up in prison waiting to be hanged! His son Roderick and servant Grunge are his not-so-faithful companions.


Haggard - Nick Grafton

Grunge - Craig Benson

Roderick - Ciaran Savage

Fanny Foulacre - Eliza Welch

Betty Bouncer - Laura Stothard

Lady Tartlet - Sue Baker

Sir Josh Foulacre & Various - Steve Brundell

Landlord & Various - Arron Raw

One-Eyed Will & Various - Nathan Partington

Hook & Various - Andy Ward

Nelly Blight & Various - Sally Ibbertson

Directed by Carol Bowness

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