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Crown Prince by John Godber

23rd - 25th November 2023

An environmental satire set in the not-too-distant past and future in which it is 30C at Christmas, most of Hull is underwater, and bungalows on high ground are changing hands for £5 million.


"The most radical drama [Godber] has produced for some time." The Guardian


Crown Prince takes us from recent years to an imagined present day and then into the future at Beech Hill Bowling Club, whose members Jack, May, Ted, Ronnie and Caroline age from their sixties to their eighties.


Initially sceptical about the effects of global warming being forecast by Jack's granddaughter, Faye, they are soon forced to confront the reality of climate change as the years pass, the weather gets hotter, and the bowling green grass gets dried out in the heat.


By 2027, Hull has been flooded and its residents are forced to seek refuge on the bowling club hill.

Cast List

Jack Batley - Craig Benson

Ronnie Carlton  - Nathan Partington

Ted Morely - Mick McNeill

Caroline Upton - Sue Baker

Faye Kirby - Sally Ibbertson

Max Haigh - Arron Raw

May Bately - Linda Stewart


Directed by Nick Grafton

Crown Prince by John Godber
Crown Prince by John Godber
23 Nov 2023, 19:30 – 25 Nov 2023, 19:30
Broughton Village Hall,
High St, Broughton, Brigg DN20 0JR, UK
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