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Local Charity Put on Theatre Production for Free, To Bring Community Back Together Post Pandemic

Local drama group, Broughton Dramatic Society, are putting their next production of ‘Haggard’ on for free, in a bid to bring the community back together after 18 months of being apart, and to thank local residents for their support over the pandemic.

Broughton Dramatic Society have been Broughton’s local amateur dramatic group since 1949, originally performing at the Plowright Theatre, the group now put on two plays a year at Broughton Village Hall. As a local charity the group often work hard to give free tickets to their productions for vulnerable in need groups, however, they have never been able to open that offer out to the whole community.

Like most groups, Broughton Dramatic Society have had to pause it’s activities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Postponing their planned April production of Haggard. During this time the group took to online activities, producing fun videos and online quizzes to try and keep the community entertained.

“Now that we can meet again, the group were really keen to do something to thank people for their support”

says Eliza Welch, Society and cast member.

Thanks to support from the Broughton Village Hall Committee, waving their hire fee in support of this endeavour, and sponsorship from local company Card Industry Professionals, the group have been able to make this happen.

“As an arts charity, we are really passionate about making theatre accessible for all, thanks to this support we can now bring this production to those that might not have been able to attend before, and unite the community in laughter at this very funny play.”

Continues Eliza.

Haggard is best described as a bawdy romp and has had the cast in stitches from the get-go! Perpetually hard-up, lecherous, conceited, dishonest and drunk, the eighteenth-century Squire Amos Haggard was first conceived by Michael Green and subsequently brought to television screens in Eric Chappell’s much-loved ITV series in the 1990s. In Chappell’s stage adaptation, the anti-hero disguises himself as the notorious bar brawler ‘One-Eyed Will’, seduces a member of the aristocracy, poisons himself, survives an encounter with ‘Death’, fights a duel and ends up in prison waiting to be hanged! His son Roderick and servant Grunge are his not-so-faithful companions.

Haggard runs at Broughton Village Hall 25th, 26th & 27th November. Anyone wanting to see Haggard will need to book their free ticket by clicking here or by calling 07896601071.

It is important that people do book their ticket so that the group can keep to the restrictions of the village hall.

Audience members who may wish to make a donation in support of the society, will be able to do so on the night, and there will also be the usual opportunities to play the raffle and partake in some refreshments.

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